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Founded in November 2022 with its office in Kumasi, Ghana, Farmtastic has been founded by Cynthia Boachie-Tuffour, a German citizen with Ghanaian Heritage.

As we experience gender inequality in the Western world daily, so do women in Africa. We at Farmtastic are aware that access to education as well as job opportunities with an income that is not only keeping you alive but lets you lead a humane life are generally hard to find in developing countries. Let alone for women and girls. That is our motivation, our goal, what drives us: Creating Equality.

Additionally, we learned that in the 1980s around 80% of Ghana's chicken demand was bred locally while in 2022 it was only left with 2% that consisted mostly of spent layers. This made us aware of a potential market. Meanwhile, the majority of chicken meat is imported from Europe or America, frozen, in boxes that a market woman can barely keep frozen. Thus, not only a potential health hazard is created but also the imported meats are those parts the western world does not want to eat, minor quality. 

Summed up this led to our decision to start Farmtastic off with breeding broilers and layers. 

Currently standing on about 20 acres of land, the farm offers lots of room to breed broilers & layers and plant crops and vegetables.

The Farmtastic project is mainly financed by Cynthia herself and the NGO Prolific in Ghana.


The goal is to increase local agriculture in general, local meat production to provide a healthier, affordable protein source, create jobs and make education more available to less privileged youth.

To increase the meat production more farmers are needed, who need education and equipment to run a successful poultry farm. As the project targets younger people who are future agriculturists, but also middle-aged or elder people with or without farming background that might own land but can’t afford to work on it, there are different approaches.

To attract the younger generation Farmtastic works with different universities in the Ashanti Region by giving out scholarships for degrees with agricultural focus like General Agriculture, Agribusiness, Crop Science, Post Harvest Technology or Meat Technology. 

To create jobs Farmtastic runs a poultry farm with a capacity of currently about 10000 broilers in Juaben.

Last but not least, we enable our socalled "Outgrowers" by giving microcredits in form of chicks, feed, equipment and vaccinations to people who own land but lack the funds to make us of it. Their task is to grow the chicks to maturity and either sell them theirselves or sell them back to farmtastic if they are lacking market access.


There is no life without food.

Thus, our mission is to educate, empower and employ as many women as possible to create equal opportunities and to make Agriculture attractive which makes up more than 20% of Ghanas BIP. 

Farming has to be efficient, sustainable and still profitable, so we aim to make make productivity and sustainability work hand in hand.

Meet our Team

Who We Are



Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Germany, Cynthia was always Kept close to her roots by her Ghanaian father. Cynthia is a foreign language correspondant and an office clerk by profession with a Bachelors degree in Commercial law.

With a passion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and women empowerment being one of her daily overall goals, she decided to take her efforts back home to Ghana.

Investing her personal savings, she bought 17 acres of land in Juaben in the Ashanti region in Ghana in 2021 and founded Farmtastic Ltd in 2022 with the goal to promote jobs and education for women in agriculture.

As access for women to education, funding and employment is even harder in Africa, Cyntha wants to be part of changing that narrative!


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Nana Kwaku

Liason Manager Ghana

Born and raised in Ghana, Nana Kwaku finished his education with a Bachelor Degree in Commercial law. Leaving Ghana to work in the UK and the USA in 2001, Nana has seen both worlds. He is well connected allover Ghana with a great network to push the progress of farmtastic from day one. Being a father to three daughters he is well aware of the daily disadvantages women experience, especially in Africa – and he is eager to play a role in changing this!

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Meet our Chicken

Local. Organic. Sustainable.

What counts for all Farmtastic products, applies to our chicken as well.

Our Broilers are either Cobb 500 or Ross 308 breeds and are raised to maturity on local feed. They are also sold locally and even their manure is - you guess it - sold locally. Our birds are completely GMO and antibiotics free. Their maize diet is boosted by also organic locally grown Moringa as a prebiotic and immune booster and rounded by the love we treat them with.

A difference you can taste so come and get yourself some delicious Farmtastic 5 Star premium chicken!

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